How to Participate in Helping People Who Are Homeless


Katherine Hanley Family Shelter


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Centreville residents are stepping up to support the community, especially Centreville Elementary School. The elementary school students have been collecting canned items, water, cartons of milk, yogurts, and pretty much anything a person who is homeless would need to eat.

Mountain View students are strongly encouraged to participate. We can help out by transporting the food from Centreville Elementary to the Katherine Hanley Food Shelter. The drive is only about 10 minutes each direction, and it’s a fairly simple task. Simply pick up the food, drive it to the shelter, and drop it off.  This is only about 20 minutes taken out of your afternoon but a quick, easy, and very beneficial way to help out the community!

This is my second time transporting the food this week, and it’s always great to see the smiles of the staff at Centreville Elementary–happy to see that they have a volunteered transporter. Even more rewarding is seeing the thankful faces of the homeless people at the shelter. It is a heart-warming act of kindness, and a great way to support the community. As the year continues, I will definitely continue transporting the foods to the shelter. Hopefully this inspires other students to do the same!

To sign up, click the link below:

Centreville Elementary School

Centreville Elementary School

14330 Green Trails Blvd, Centreville, VA 20121

*Shelter does NOT show up on iPhone Maps App, must be done from Google Maps App or website from mobile device*

Katherine Hanley Family Shelter

12970 Katherine Hanley Court, Fairfax, VA 22030