Hunger: Centreville Elementary Looking for Drivers to Help the Hungry



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This year at Mountain view for our Service learning Project our main theme is Hunger and what we can do to step in and make a difference. We have been discussing what hunger looks like in our own community and trying to identify things we can do to make difference no matter how small or big. Things such as sacrificing our lunch period to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in order to produce food for others that are hungry. It is hard to imagine that within our own community so many kids,adults, and families are going hungry. Food shelters and churches are always accepting volunteers to help

We are currently looking for Mountain View student drivers to pick up and deliver donated food from Centreville Elementary school to food distribution points.CES #1.jpg the second one will edited

You can volunteer to drive and deliver food to the shelter by the signupgenius link below. Weekly deliveries will be made through the first week of June.

5FS in car

The Katherine Hanley Homeless Shelter website is ( All the information about how to pick up and deliver is listed in the online sign-up form.

NOTE:  This opportunity to volunteer is for Mountain View students only.