Louisiana Purchase 1803

Louisiana Purchase 1803


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“This little event, of France’s possessing herself of Louisiana, is the embryo of a tornado which will burst on the countries on both sides of the Atlantic and involve in it’s effects their highest destinies.”

– Thomas Jefferson 1802

The Louisiana purchase was a deal between France and United States. On April 30, 1803 the nation of France sold 820,000 square miles of land west of Mississippi river to the United states for $15 million. This deal doubled the size of the United States. President Thomas Jefferson correctly predicted in 1802 the rise of the United States as world power.



What is the overall affect of the Louisiana Purchase?

Do you think it was a turning point in American history?

Is their still such a thing as National Destiny?

At first I think the Natives were struggling to find any benefits from the American government.  They were willing to help Lewis and Clark because they were used to doing business with the French along the interior waterways of North America.  Now 150 to 200 years after the American government took over the majority of people are proud to live in the United States.