Making of a Black Star: a Poem of Power

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Dedicated to Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, MLK, Kwame Nkrumah,  Yassiin & Kweli and all our other shining Black Stars.


Star light, star bright, Black Star I see tonight; I wish I  may, I will to might, give me Freedom after tonight

Conceived out of Vanta Black

 forces push, but  I push back

 burning fierce as hell’s wind

 my flames will rage until they win

 these contradicting forces see

 will create a light that all will see

 though white dwarfs will latch to me

 I WILL NOT SUCCUMB, I do not bleed

 cannot let them crush me into the hearse

 but will not lose control and burst

 even when they think they’ve won

 my effect cannot be undone

 as my ashes scatter dust to dust

new lanterns will rise to bring dawn from dusk

 pitiful are the forces against me 

Should I collapse, my gravitation would take them all with me

And that is law: Unity, So goes Our Theory of Everything

 I AM capable of anything ‘cause everything stems from WE

Star light, star bright, Black star I seen tonight; I wished today I’ll will to might, I will be Free after tonight