Mental health issues leads to a toddlers death

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December 12, 2018
Mental health issues leads to a toddlers death
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Romechia Simms, a mother of a three year old toddler receives mental health treatment instead of going to jail for the death of her son Ji’aire Lee. Romechia was found pushing her son in a swing for 40 hours even through the rain. Ji’aire died from hypothermia and hydration. Romechia is diagnosed with schizophrenia which is a brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally.

In court, Simms, who has schizophrenia, wiped tears from her face as a prosecutor detailed the evidence against her, describing how the boy was taken to the medical examiner’s office still sitting in the swing because his body was too stiff to remove. A sheriff’s deputy appeared emotional, and people sitting in the back row of the courthouse for unrelated cases gasped.

Romechia was chargered with involuntary manslaughter. the judge found her not to be criminally responsible for her actions. But she will remain free under a list of conditions, such as being monitored by state psychologists, avoiding any unsupervised contact with children and submitting to blood tests to verify she is on medication.

Romechia stopped taking her medicine a few days before the death of her son.  while Romechia and little three year old ji’aire lee was at the park she couldnt gain the strength to lift him from the swing. strangly she was hearing voices in her head telling her to stay put cause help was on the way.

In September she was then arrested charged with manslaughter and first-degree child abuse. her family posted bond for her and bailed her out ever since then shes been living with her mom in Waldorf.

In my opinion this is sad way for a toddler to die and i feel as though she should of been placed in a crazy home or jail. It should of been way more justice set for this toddler. Life which was a core democratic value that was used in this article at such a young age this child died a tragic death. Truth was another one that was used in this article was the mother really tell the truth about her not being alert in even the rain.