The Hate U Give

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The Hate U Give
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This book is recommended to others who are looking for a book that displays the social tension of diversity.  The issue of police brutality and racism is real.  In the face of gang related activities and social prejudices police continue to react with violence.  In the book, The Hate U Give, the main character Starr went through a lot of diversity, trials and tragedies throughout her life. She was grown up and lives in a poor neighborhood, but attends an all white prep school as one of the only black girls. Throughout the story, Starr see’s a lot of hate of her being an outsider to her prep high school.  The difference in perspective and personal motivations between police brutality and gang violence.


Do you feel like justice was served for kahlil ?

No , i do not feel like justice was served for kahlil. The police that killed him was acting like a victim when his father got on the news and spoke out for him. He didn’t even give kahlil a warning or anything before he shot and killed him. Like they said in the book “it’s just another dead body in the hood”. Since he was black he is looked at and labeled as a minority.


In which part of the story do you think the climax takes place?

I think the Climax takes place when Khalil was shot and killed by a police officer, when he was pulled over with Starr, because the plot of the story twisted and focused more so on the shooting and how to serve justice for khalil.


How do you feel about the news falsely labeling kahlil as a “drug dealer” or a “gang member” without any knowledge of his background?

I feel like they put a label on kahlil as being a young black male from the “hood”. So automatically he being labeled with being a drug dealer because of where he is from. Not knowing his background that his mom was addicted to crack and she was losing herself and had no money to prove. Kahlil being the only man of the house he felt like it was his job to go out and get money to provide for his family.


Quote from book the reoccurred multiply times

T-H-U-G L-I-F-E “ the hate u give little infants fucks everybody” a quote by tupac

Meaning what society gives us as youth, it bites them in the ass when we wild out.