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English: American Eskimo Dog with Red Nose/Imp...
English: American Eskimo Dog with Red Nose/Improper Pigmentation — Commonly seen in irresponsibly bred American Eskimos & “pet shop” dogs. This pink pigmentation has no bearing on the health or temperament of the dog. This common “mutation” simply means the Eskie is aesthetically under standard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Friend

My perfect pet is a dog because dogs are funny when they do  something naughty. Some dogs like to sing. When they do it is very funny.  Another reason a dog is the perfect pet is because when you need to leave home, a dog protects the house.   You can also teach dogs tricks like bringing you your shoes or bringing back a ball.

Taking care of a Dog Takes Work

Before anyone should get a pet, they should investigate what the dog needs, how to care for the dog, and all the responsibilities that is needed to care for my pet. For example, I have to take him out for a walk so he feels relaxed and excited when I spend time him.

I have to give food and drink water to him so that he has energy and will be happy. I have to get a little dog bed for him so he will sleep well and has a place to go anytime he needs to rest or relax and be lazy! I have to go to the doctor, called a vet, with him if him to make sure he’s okay or if he needs some medication so he can stay in good health.

$ $ $

Now, I’m ready have my perfect pet because I have enough time to play with him, give him his food and take care of him by exercising him.  It is expensive to  have a dog in the U.S.  You must spend money to buy the  dog.  You must also spend money to take him to the doctor for his checkups and medication.  Keeping your dog healthy and happy is expensive, but it is worth every penny!

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