My Viet Nam; Life after the Civil War

My Viet Nam; Life after the Civil War


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In 1975,  the Civil War in VietNam ended and the life of my family began.   My mother was born in Ho Chi Minh city in 1976 . The Civil War in VietNam had been 20 years long.  It began in 1955 when the North of VietNam attacked on South of VietNam.  Both sides wanted to control the whole country. The North was communist and they won.

Image result for ho chi minh city vietnam map
This map shows the capitol city Hanoi in the North and Ho Chi Minh city in the south.
Image result for vietnam war map
This map shows my home city named Saigon during the war. The major battles were all in the South. That is where American soldiers were trying to fight against the Communists with the South Vietnamese.

My mom was born in 1976. She was born after the VietNam Civil war.  In 1975 my country was so happy to end the fighting.  On April 30 ,1975 my country actually unified.  From 1975 – 2000 , my mom told me that my country was still in such chaos because of the war. It was not until 2000 that my country could be be better from the war. In that time 1975-2000 the economics in my country fell into crisis , the people did not have jobs , homelessness was everywhere. In 2015 the president Barack Obama came to Viet Nam and dealt with Nguyen Phu Trong; my country’s dictator.  He promised a stronger relationship with the United States.


Chiến tranh Việt Nam
These photos show the war.

What facts do you know about your mother’s life in Vietnam?  

She told me that she’s loved Viet Nam , the people are really friendly and welcoming.

What do you remember about living in Vietnam?

I remember about my family , the foods , and the people.  The most popular food is Pho in my country , I think it’s best famous food of my country.

Image result for phở việt nam
This is the most famous food of my country “Pho”

How and Why did you leave Vietnam?

Because I want to reach to my dream and I want to learn more things for my life.