Nothing Better Than a Strong Horse



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              Have you ever thought about what would be the best pet for you?  A lot of people love dogs, cats, or other animals.  These can be really great pets, but are not the best ones.  In my opinion, the best pet is a horse. Let me tell you why. 

              There are many advantages to owning a horse.  Horses don’t need to keep them inside the house.  You don’t have to worry about a horse ruining your clean house.  Another advantage is that horses don’t  need a lot of attention because you can leave them with others animals and they will be happy.  This makes owning a horse content.  You can also enjoy riding them almost anywhere.  Horses can be really loyal pets and can be your best friend. When you feel alone you can talk with them and as you ride around you can forget your troubles.  Moreover, horses can live more than 20 years so you can count on them being with you for many years. 

                There are also some disadvantages to having a horse as a pet for you or your family. For example: If you don’t have enough space that can be a problem, especially if you live in the city and have a fancy apartment.  If this is you, maybe a horse as a pet will be not good idea for you.  But, if you live in the farm it would be easy for your to have a horse as a pet.

Other things to consider when thinking about getting a horse is that they are big animal and will defend itself when it is scared.  You will have to make sure  you know what to do and not to do that might scare him. You also have to decide how to be prepared when getting a pet horse. Will you have to plant grass and hay for him to eat all day or will you buy it?  How will you keep the horse safe?  Will you have a wire fence or a wooden fence to keep in near the barn?  You certainly don’t want him to run away and get lost or stolen.  You also don’t want to forget that children need to be careful around horses, so don’t leave them alone with the animal.

Now that you know a little more about having a horse as a pet, good luck with your decision in choosing a pet for yourself!

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