The Perfect Career! Physical Therapist



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  Physical Therapists work with patients with emotional and physical problems. They help them
to develop or rebuild skills that they have lost. They also check patients all the way in their rehabilitation.


  • Therapists require high level education.
  • They need to have a bachelor’s degree, a master degree, and must take physiology, biology, anatomy, and sociology courses.
  • Therapists must have 5.71% of training from six to one year, and 11.43% on job training from six months to one year.
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  • Therapists work with a variety of methods.
  •  Physical therapists must be good with technology and physical work to complete their work.
  • Therapists use electric wheelchairs, touch pads, electronic blood pressure units, orthotic care products, and therapeutic balls, among other accessories.
  • Interested persons should be patient and responsible. English: taking blood pressure in PE


  • Physical therapists are hired in a variety of healthcare settings, including care hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, contract agencies, and schools.
  • The projections will create more jobs in Virginia and in northern Virginia.
  • The percentage of increasing jobs in Virginia will be 33.1% and 25.0 % in this region.
*Their range of earnings is between $45,000 and $100,000 a year. Experienced therapists can earn more than $100,000 while new therapists can earn minimum salary.
*The range of entry earnings in Virginia for therapists is about $58,076.48 to $80,545.29.
* In fact, therapist’s wage in state of Virginia is better than national earnings.



     I was very impressing about the courses of this career. I think they are interesting but also a little difficult. Throughout the program, there are classes that are based in biology and sciences and other difficult classes. I believe this career is a little challenging career, but it is a great career.