The Water Crisis in Afghanistan


Nasir, Ahmad Hameed

Clean water is essential for the protection of many human rights

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When I was about 8 years old I drank unclean water in Kabul and I became very sick with a stomach ache.  I was hospitalized. The doctor treated me and I was OK but I will always remember this experience.

In Afghanistan, we have a lot of unsanitary water and there are many bacteria  causing contamination.  In Kabul there are 4 times as many people as Fairfax County.  It is the biggest city of Afghanistan water scarcity is a problem. Most of Afghanistan’s water is unclean and people of Afghanistan use bottled mineral water or tank water from a truck.  The natural water resource in Afghanistan is rivers.  And people who do not have access to mineral water, use well water or river water more.  And still, the only problem that is next to impure water is the very low supply of water, which is decreasing day by day in Afghanistan.

Click to access %20UNICEF%20Afghanistan%20WASH%20on%20the%20Brink%202022.pdf

My grandparents are from the North in Mazar-e Sharif.

I traveled to Pakistan in the East and lived in Tajikistan for almost 2 years before coming to the USA in Dec. 2022

Water is an inorganic compound white the chemical formula H2O.Water covers about 71% of the earth surface. With seas and oceans making up most of the water volume on earth (about 96.5%). Small portions of water occur as groundwater (1.7%). In the glaciers and the ice caps on antarctica and greenland(1.7%) and the air as vapor, clouds.

WATER in CURRENT EVENTS:Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 - Clean Water and Sanitation - InnovEOX





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