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  • Andrew PowersApr 13, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    From what Ive read: It might have been more idle if somehow the politically dominate could have separated slavery from southern culture in the minds of the poor non-slave owning Southerners who were the ridiculously vast majority, before trying to make slavery illegal things would have gone better for all races involved. Because the Rich slave-owners who politically dominated the the south wouldn’t have war as an option,as if the common people didn’t care about slavery they would be unwilling to fight to protect it. A large reason for the racism can be figured out by reading this fact. evidence of racial hate found in southern newspapers before the civil war were pretty uncommon yet after the war it could be found in almost every issue. this is because the Southerners saw the north as destroying the southern lifestyle and many blamed the former slaves.

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