Dream Catchers

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Dream catchers works with George Mason University began as a partnership with the public high schools of  FCPS. It provides hope for students at risk. This program helps students achieve their dreams or goals. For extra help you can get a mentor that works in George Mason. The program starts in the last two years of high school with a lot of help such as mentors.

I’m still getting to meet my mentor he’s a professor at GMU. There are student mentors also and they meet with students once a week. The student mentors get along with students more because they can relate a lot more. I like my mentor even though he is very old. Having a mentor in high school is a big help because they let you see things more clearly. I still don’t know what I want to be but it’s okay I still have time. At my old school I never had this and it made things more complicated. I really needed to be in this program for my future. I’m really glad I’m at Mountain View this school made me proceed.




I am currently enrolled with dream catchers. I want to continue my education after high school. I don’t know exactly what I wanna do or be but my mentor and career counselor are helping me on to clear things out and to see my strengths. I like this program because you will benefit from it. Now and then we take field trips to George Mason and get to know more about dream catchers and getting along with your mentor. We play games just to get along with the other kids enrolled in this same program. Next month there’s an event at George Mason there will be a basketball game. I recommend this program if you want a future but you have troubles.