Global Warming; You can make a difference

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Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and we are at a decisive moment, even the rise in sea level, which increases the risk of catastrophic floods, the effects of climate change are global in scope and on an unprecedented scale. If drastic measures are not taken from today, it will be more difficult and costly to adapt to these effects in the future. Changes in climate, including temperature, intensity of rainfall and extreme weather events such as hurricanes and heat waves.

Carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas that drives global climate change, continues to rise every month. Find out the dangerous role it and other gases play.

This video below has a lot of information to understand what is happening in other countries. We can understand the importance of global warming and water in earth. It is a long video but really helpful.

A few things I learned from watching this video:

  • Some countries like Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula may actually run out of water for drinking.
  • Wars may happen over the limited resource of fresh water.
  • Migration due to scarcity of resources and climate change will continue to intensify.
  • Rich people pay for the water to be cleaned but poor people take what they can get.
  • The fresh water we have now is all we have.  It will not increase and its only 3%
  • Ocean water is increasing because polar ice is melting.
  • Heat waves will intensify and this will cause death.

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Warmer temperatures and the accumulation of polluting gases means that temperatures increase more and more and climates change: this causes droughts and, in addition, increases the risk of fires that lead to deforestation and the desertification of the planet.  As sea levels rise due to polar ice caps melting then species like the polar bear will go extinct and humans living close to the coast will experience catastrophic urban flooding. Droughts, hurricanes, hunger, poverty and destruction: these are some of the terrible consequences that global warming causes on our planet.

Some good news is that in our hands we can actively participate to curb these negative effects if we want the next generations to inherit a world as we know it today.

How can we help the planet ?

These are some of the daily changes you can make at this time to help avoid a “catastrophe” as a result of global warming.

Use public transport because it will mean less cars.
Save energy because power plants create CO2
Try to consume less meat because cattle, pigs and chickens are high in CO2
Reduce and reuse because plastics create CO2
Inform and educate others because every drop in the ocean of change matters.


Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.