The Hunted, The Innocent

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Sea turtles can be dated back to before the dinosaurs went extinct, more than 100 million years. More and more wild sea turtles are being lost every year due to over-harvesting, illegal trade, by-catch, habitat loss, and climate change. They are protected under the law yet people think it’s within their power to do what they want.


The only ones who can save this planet that we call home are us. This won’t happen if we continue as if the ecosystems of the Earth are invisible and we have to do nothing to preserve it. Humans are not above everything else and we have to start being conscious of that. We hold so much power, maybe without authority, and the majority of us have no idea how to use it correctly. Even with laws and regulations in place to keep us in our place, we choose to take situations into our own hands and ignore what has been set in place for a reason. There are laws against marine trafficking and hunting sea turtle but we ignore them to a point where one day our future generations will have to learn about turtles from history books.

Change will only come when people choose to conform to it. It can’t be done in a day but with persistence and perseverance, we can look forward to a better future. Not only for ourselves but for generations to come. We were a big factor in why our planet is the way it is but we can also be the reason things can turn around. Change takes time but even small steps are steps towards a better way of living. Choose to protect those who can speak for themselves. Choose to make a difference with the life you’ve been given and know that every bit helps.

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