How to join the Air Force right out of High school

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Before you can join the Air Force, you have to complete a few basic requirements.  A candidate must be 17-39 years of age and have a high school diploma or better. You must also be a US Citizen/Legal. Next, you must take and pass the ASVAB test. This test helps determine what your skill strengths are and where you could best be fitted. After the ASVAB, you get put through a physical and mental screening where you will be given your job that you will be carrying out for the Air Force. Finally, you will be put into the delayed entry program where you’ll be put on a waiting list for your departure date. While you are on DEP, it is highly recommend that you prepare for whats to come, basic training.

Once you get your departure date, you will be shipped off to basic training in San Antonio, Texas. Here you will spend the next 7 and a half weeks working like you’ve never worked before. The first week is complimented with early wake ups as there are a few more tests that need to be completed. The second week is focused around weapon handling as you learn about them and march with them. The third week you receive your service dress uniform which you will need to prepare to quickly get dressed in and out of. The fourth week is the learning of defensive fighting techniques and live saving first aid skills. Week five is the hardest and most challenging week as you will be enduring long hours of physical training, combatives, and tactical skill tests. Week six is filled with final testing as you prepare to graduate in week seven.