Practice Session for NOVA English Placement Test-Thursday, May 4 during lunch


Pass Boating test=driver’s license. English Placement Test results=register for the right classes.

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OK, so you’re dreading taking NOVA’s English Placement Test so you can register for classes.  Hey, how bad can it be if you’ve already suffered through the English 11 SOLs, WorkKeys, or WIDA?

Seriously, many of these tests have things in common:

  • Do you know the parts of speech?
  • Can you write a complete sentence and then craft it into a paragraph?
  • Do you know when to use a comma versus a colon?
  • How well can you read an essay prompt and write a response that reflects your point of view on a particular topic?

A little practice might help, you say. Well, you’re in luck!  On Thursday, May 4th at 11:05 A.M., Mr. Johnson is giving up his lunch break to spend it with you in the library to provide you tips on how to do your best on the test. Sample questions and their answers will be provided along with a sweet treat courtesy of the Career Center.

So bring your lunch and join us tomorrow.  Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for leading this review session. Mrs. Puff’s got nothing on you.  She bloats.  You rock!