My American Dream; The benefits of military service for legal residents

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Some people may think that the American dream for young Latinos like me is dead but I disagree.   I am here to tell you that you can make it.  The pathways are open if you are prepared to work.  My first 16 years of life were spent in my family’s homeland of El Salvador.  In 2015 I came to California to be with my Uncle and Aunt and cousins. I spent two years at Independence High School playing soccer and enjoying life but I knew as I turned 18 I wanted more for myself.  I wanted to take financial responsibility and pursue my citizenship. I am a legal resident now living and working with my brother in Virginia.  I finally got my car and my licence and everything is so much better than when I first came to Virginia. I’m about to finish High School and I’m happy because there were some people that told me that I wasn’t going to finish High School. Now my plans are to join the U,S army or something relate to it and continue my education there.

The US Army is a great opportunity that we have. In my opinion and for what I know if you are not a resident and you join the US Army they help to reach citizenship.Also, if your family is not in the United State they help your family to come legally to the US. I think that everyone in this country would love to have all their family with them. However, they don’t help just with your citizenship.  There is one more really good point and that is education.

While you are in the US Army you can study there if you want or you just can focus on your training, and after you accomplish the time for what you have joined which I think is four years they give you ten years so you can do what you want to do with your education. Let’s say you want to be a doctor they give you ten years to accomplish it. Also, they have jobs in there too. Let’s say I want to be a plumber they teach me that job, so after I got out from there will be easier for me to find a job because of my military experience and training.

Expedited Citizenship for Military Personnel