What Does It Take To Join The U.S. Marine Corps?

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If you are planning to join the Marines after high school or still deciding, here is what it takes to join.

First, you will have to meet some requirements: must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien, be in the ages of 17-29, have a high school diploma, meet exacting physical, mental, moral standards, take and pass ASVAB test. This are some basic requirements that you have to meet first. The ASVAB test is really important because is used to determined the best job for you in the Marines. Also is really important to be in contact with a Marine recruiter, they will help you in every questions you have.

After you meet all the requirements and you’re ready, you will be send to boot camp. In boot camp you will be in intense training for 13 weeks. Many people fail the boot camp but the majority because of injuries.

In my opinion to join the Marines or any other military branch, you will have to prepare yourself physically and mentally. I believe the military is not for everybody because some people lack of specific characteristics that are key in the military. But don’t let people scared you, because there are a lot of people who has different opinions about the Marines or other branch.

Important things to know about the Marine’s benefit. Marines Corp offer competitive pay, healthcare and insurance for you and your family, education, allowance for housing, enlistments bonuses, retirements, jobs opportunities, etc. There are many more but is really important to take a look or research because there can be something for you.




Marine Corps – Benefits