Being homeless in D.C?

Being homeless in D.C?
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After reading a study, researchers who have worked with Chapin Hall, a youth policy center at the university of Chicago, have surveyed more than 26,000 young people and families who became homeless during some period during the year. They say that their results were very much alarming; One out of 10 people, ages 18 to 25, have experienced homelessness. A researcher, Matthew Morton, from Chapin Hall, says that he aims to dispel the notion that homelessness afflicts mostly older men.

“Our findings probably challenge the images of homelessness. Homelessness is young,” Morton said. “It is more common that people expect and it’s largely hidden.”

Officials have also counted more children and families that were homeless in the past year than single homeless men. The researchers relied on a broad definition of homelessness, and included in homelessness, young people who ran away from home even for a night. In fact, children who run away are more likely to experience homelessness due to not having anywhere to go.

“The findings are staggering. They are alarming, but they are not surprising” Morton said. “Many young people are getting hammered in this economy and far too many youth have experienced trauma and lack stable family situations. You have major affordable housing crisis.”

My personal thoughts on homelessness are very sympathetic, although some people fake it just for some extra money in their pocket. I’ve had a conversation with a “homeless” man before and he made the mistake of telling the real reason for him to be standing outside asking for money which was because he needed his electric bill paid. There is a difference between pure laziness and actually being homeless. Many of the homeless people you see in D.C are actually homeless and it is a terrible thing to see because they have nothing. I want to help put as much as I can for those in need because we the people take so much for granted without even realizing it. I wish there was a way where jobs can allow homeless people have the chance to work and if they qualify for the job standards they can get the job and start somewhere again.