Karl Marx meets Kim Jong Un

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Who was Karl Marx and what would he say to a communist leader today such as North Korea’s Kim Jung Un?

Karl Marx was the 19th century economic philosopher who came up with the idea of Communism.  The questions he asked had to do with society, equality and freedom in a time when industry was bringing social changes, inequality and a lack of real freedom for many. Karl Marx came up with new ideas for government and society.  These ideas were not tested until World War I and the Russian Bolshevik revolution of Vladmir Lenin.

Karl Marx lived during a time of change in Europe.  This map was drawn after the Congress of Vienna in 1815.



Kim Jung Un is the current communist dictator of North Korea. The Korean peninsula fought a civil war in the early 1950s that never really ended.  It is still in a state of “cease fire” today and the border between North and South Korea is one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world.  Like Stalin and Mao before him in USSR and China, Kim Jung Un is an example of everything that gives communism a bad name.  He uses the idea of communism to hold power over his people.


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Even though communist leaders use Marx as a way to feel good about their leadership, Karl Marx would not approve.


Does Kim Jung Un concern himself with equality of the workers?  Does he represent any of the ideas of Karl Marx?



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