Opportunity Takes Flight After High School

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After I complete high school, it’s a goal of mine to be a licensed pilot, and to possibly join the Air Force. Over the last 2 weeks, I have researched a lot about what the pilot life is like, how much on average pilots make, different kinds of pilots, and which road would be best for me.

As of 2015, there are 509,039 active certified pilots. Senior pilots, also known as captains, make more money than first officers. The average income for pilots is $140,000 a year. The best way I can get a job as a pilot is getting a Bachelor’s degree in aviation and becoming a commercial pilot. Another opportunity for me is joining the Air Force, as it requires a Bachelor’s degree to become a pilot.

A huge benefit in serving is that all of your tuition and fees are paid for by the Air Force tuition assistance. If I were to join, I would have to serve a minimum of 8 years; 5 must  be on duty, and 3 can be served by inactive reserve. On average, Air Force pilots make a salary of $107,950 a year. The closest Air Force recruiting location to where I live is in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Growing up, I always thought about being a pilot and. I always loved to be in planes. In middle school, I started getting very interested and started taking online classes. On my 14th birthday, I flew a Cessna plane, learned how to takeoff, glide, and land it. It was after this that I knew I would love a career as a pilot.