Pollito’s story

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I was born in the city of Copan Honduras. I have a brother and two sisters. When I was 4 years old I started school. I had been two years in Kindergarten then at 6 years old I started the primary and I finished at 12 years old. I started the secondary at the Institute “IMPEAL”, but I didn’t finish. That was in my home country but it became too dangerous to stay

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This is a scene from the city of Copan in Western Honduras. The city is near ancient Mayan ruins.

In July 19, 2014 I left the country immigrating to the United States. First, I got to the border of Honduras-Guatemala, and in about 4 days I crossed the whole country of Guatemala to enter into Mexico. The worst things that happened to me were in Mexico as we had no sleep, we did not eat well, and the worst was when we moved to another place we always were in danger because bringing immigrants North is illegal. The police sometimes followed us and the drivers drove so bad. I spent a lot of time in there. Finally I arrived to Virginia in September 2014.

Starting  a new life in the U.S took work. In 2015 I went about 3½ months to some school and then work again. In February 2016 I started at an alternative public school and I’m hoping to graduate maybe next year. My plan is to graduate from high school, then I think work with my dad and learn how he runs his company because then I will inherit his company and I need to know about it.  I look forward to this opportunity to help with the family business.

My situation economically now is not so bad. I work on Saturday and Sunday to get the money that I spend. Some of my monthly payments are the insurance car, cellphone, gas, gym, and some food. 

I crossed many things in my young life; challenges, happiness, sadness, easy, and hard times. But I am still here trying to go up, winning the challenges and trying to be a better person every day. I hope to reach my goals in the long term of my life.


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The Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras

The United States and all of America has a history of immigration.  I am part of that history.  I am here to help make my life better and to help those around me.  I come from a place with its own history. I come here because the situation with the government and criminals in Honduras was bad. My family has more Spanish culture than Mayan but I know that all of history is made by people who move for opportunity.  The Spanish first moved to Honduras in the 1500s looking for opportunity. One man’s opportunity could be another man’s struggle.