The Parenting of a Teacher

The Parenting of a Teacher
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Teachers do their best to build trust with students, keep them motivated, and teach them about respect among others. Those teachers that go above and beyond to execute and provide a positive atmosphere to every-student make a difference in lives in a way that they often do not get a chance to see.

The amount of tolerance gained and modeled is incredible as students from all backgrounds with great ideas are given an atmosphere for learning sufficiently, to keep a mutual trust and positive attitude to become the best. There are teachers who take the responsibility to create a clear path of life to children, teens, and adult students. Beyond the experience they have as students themselves, teachers organize their personal life and balance the changes that come as they educate so many with their example.

Teachers are fun, and make students feel welcome no matter who they are. They understand that there is suffering in everyone and someone can gain an open mind by building a sense of truth.

Teachers are a form of parent that deserve respect.  Good teachers seem to have a gift born in them to be who they chose to be.  Teachers teach us that we can go in to the real world and make something with our lives. Teachers help students find meaning and purpose.

The way to approach this is different with every student. At the end a teachers mark is applied to a students success, a path to success with no questioning of race, religion belief, or judgement of the culture and vision of whom.

Teachers get to uplift, makes us laugh, and keep a huge smile on our faces all by them being themselves. Some teachers are just the best to be around. Education is all students really want in life. If our teachers are well treated, they make great people out of students.

Thank you to all my teachers, thank you for those great moments and events, thank you for your existence. I will take those memories everywhere I go, because your mark of love is set in my heart forever.