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Will you buy the iPhone X?


We all have the power within our minds to decide if purchasing the Apple’s upcoming flagship phone is worth it or not.

What’s the psychology behind wanting to purchase the iPhone X?

Well, many of us have already heard of Apple’s new phone. Some have already decided that they are NOT going to buy it, while others have decided that they most definitely are.

According to Psychology Today, whether you go for it or not partially depends on whether you are making a habit-based decision or a value based decision.

There are two parts of the brain for decision-making; one area is in the basal ganglia, deep in the brain, and is based on habitual responses. The other is in the orbitofrontal cortex, which is behind your forehead. It is correlated with value-based decisions.

If the orbitofrontal cortex is quiet, then habit-based decisions will take over. If it is busy, though, then the habit-area is overridden. This means that if you’re comparing features, reviewing data, and thinking logically, then you can’t make a decision purely based on a habit.

If you aren’t evaluating which product is best for you, then it is likely your habitual responses will kick in. If you are someone who loves Apple products, you’ll always want to buy the latest iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone X is the most expensive yet ($999). Apple is also selling the phone in 55 countries around the world. The iPhone X includes face ID, a dual-lens camera, a 5.8-inch OLED display, no home button, and even more.

Aside from the psychological factors in deciding on whether or not to buy it, I believe that technology is an absolutely amazing concept overall, and it is all too astounding to comprehend how far we have advanced and progressed in the last few decades. What will the future look like for technology? How will we communicate with others in the future? Will the smartphone be replaced with something better? What will the transportation look like, or even the education system? I wish I could live for the next few centuries and find out.

Despite the advantages of technology, there are (of course) major disadvantages to it.

How is technology harming modern society?

We’ll leave that for another topic.

In the meantime: is the iPhone X worth it to you?


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