Lars and The Real Girl

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Can you really fall in love with a doll? Not just any doll but with a sex doll and having to have conversations with, arguments and also requiring it to be dressed up?

Lars is a grown man, who found interest to a sex doll that his coworker introduced him to. While Lars’ mother was giving birth to him, she had sadly passed away. While experiencing his life without a mom, his brother on the other side was not much caring and loving as he should have been. He soon then grew up with a emotional disability and remained isolated from everyone.

The role that the setting plays is in a small northern town in United States. I believe this movie would had been different if carried during a different time of year. I consider this movie set during the old time it was originally made because during this year in 2018, and generation we are in now, majority would not accept and appropriately handled Lars or to someone similar like Lars. Nowadays people are more judgemental and speak straightforwardly if something does not look normal or seem right. Back then in a small community everyone was more nice, caring, accepting and looked out for.

Crash test dummy







I believe that the filmmakers have chosen a “sex” doll because, if Bianca was a mannequin or a crash-test dummy it would not had been the same scenario. A mannequin is more of a statue that can not move its body parts, the texture is hard and displayed and used for dressmakers, window dressers and others especially to fit clothing. On the other hand, a crash-test dummy is not realistic looking, it is more of a balloon and tested for responses from moments during a car crash. A “sex” doll is more acceptable because it is has more realistic features, more flexibility and can be used for actual human purposes.  

The 911 emergency scene where the doll is “dying” and taken to the hospital is  most striking because a 911 call should always be taken seriously no matter what situation or the duration of time. The second eye-catching scene was also the fact that how Karin was feeding into Lars’ mentality of falling in love with a “sex” doll and understanding him and accepting his mental illness. The last astonishing scene that I was confused of was how Lars’ small town was very accepting of whom Bianca was, his illness and how the town was playing a role while also being very understanding and caring due to his growing up life. The community was very engaging and emotional with his situations. It is really shocking how the community never was rude and judgmental due to what he fell in love with and how he was playing mind games with himself in a way.  

I believe that the town reacts the way it does due to making Lars not feel
uncomfortable and unhappy from already growing up without a mother and brother to love and care for while maturing. It is really challenging and hard to cope with when real love is shown and having to deal with people who actually care for you. What this movie has to say about this nice community would have said that they are really engaging, caring, understanding, accepting, not judgemental nor arrogant people. This small town has done a good job in engaging towards a man with a emotional illness, whom has found interest in a doll and fallen in love with. This town also did a good job having family members showing up to his “sex” doll doctor appointments and how the whole community attended Bianca’s funeral, showing emotion and love. I suppose that the 9-11 phone call should have been taken more seriously and actually dialed for a real emergency. On the other behalf, I believe that at least half of the community should have realized Lars that Bianca is just a doll and Lars deserves someone who is real and will love and show affection and attention to him. I also believe that the doctor should have been a little more realistic about Bianca and her health.

This film shows that the people should be treated kindly and appropriately by others no matter the situation. Everyone deserves kindness and the amount of attention Lars received, to understand and learn from their decision.