The food inc.

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       The book food Inc. is set up in three parts. The first part examines the production of the meat for consumption in the US,specifically looking at cow, chickens, and pigs. The second part deals with corn, soybeans, and plant production. The last part examines the legal and governmental response to the practices in the first two parts. The book explores the production of meat, plants, and its legal ramifications through a series of  interviews with people in the industries

My Reflection

            I have to say the statistics were actually shockingly true. We have no control over what we eat. Americans have a time where they eventually crave for fast food and they need to have it.The industries do not care about diseases that the meat produces industries like these will do anything for more money even if they are making the meat more unsafe. Fast food meat meat kill you from bacteria  but one of the biggest murderers in the United State is fast food itself. These industries sell their meat for cheap and the fast food restaurants will buy more. This happens when Americans eat a lot of fast food because it is so cheap. Eating more fast food will enforce theses industries enforcing them to make meat in a faster pace makes the meat even more unhealthy

Impact in society

               The fast food industry also denigrates the economy. If the fast food giants become part of the manufacturing industry, it would seem that our country is a strong manufacturer to the eyes of the global economy. This might benefit the country, but at the same time those fast food giants will be enjoying the tax breaks of the manufacturer industry, which are supported by their friends in the republican party. First , fast food chains target children when advertising. Kids can be experts at demanding things immediately , and their parents usually pelse them. However, parents since they are always looking for ways to feed the whole family with required the less effort. With fast food restaurants, families start to believe that it is faster, easier, cheaper, and better to feed themselves on these establishment rather than to cook at home.


For more information you can watch a documentary  in Netflix that help you to understand more about the topic of food inc.