What’s the deal with vegetarians?

What’s the deal with vegetarians?
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I wonder: Is being vegetarian better than being an omnivore? What is the difference between a vegetarian and an omnivore? The difference between vegetarian and an omnivore is because vegetarian’s are those who eats only plants, while an omnivore is a person or animal that eats everything ,plant, dairy products fish,  shellfish and meats.         Is all meat okay to eat? No, not all meat are okay to eat, some of the meat that are not okay to eat are hamburgers, hot dogs sausages, fried chicken and ice cream.                                                                      

What is a vegetarian diets? A vegetarian diet is a diet in which vegetable are eaten and meat, fish, and poultry are not eaten.  What is good and bad for vegetarian to eat? Foods that are good for vegetarian to eat are –Tofu it is a terrific source of protein, zin, iron and it event contain some cholesterol. Lentils, like beans, are part of the legume family, and like beans they’re an excellent source of protein and soluble fiber.

Beans a cup a day gives you about one –third of your iron and protein and roughly half. In one serving as well iron, calcium and many other nutrients.

 Diet that are high in saturated fats raise ‘’bad’’ cholesterol. The ‘’bad’ ’cholesterol called LDL cholesterol increases the risk for coronary heart disease.

Why is it important to eat 8 ounces of seafood per week? Because seafood contain a range of nutrients, notably the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and Dhal. Eating about 8 ounce per week of variety of seafood contributes to the prevention of heart disease. The health benefits. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and peas, egg, nuts, and seeds supply many nutrients. These include protein, B vitamins (niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and B6), vitamin E, iron, zinc and magnesium. There is saturated fat in beef, pork, chicken skins, and fried meat.

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