Education is a Human Right

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The purpose of education is not only to shed knowledge to upcoming generations, but to also allow children to expand their mind and do things the previous generation has yet to do. Education is probably one of the most important strategies for expanding the potential of the human individual, opening new opportunities and bringing about a more peaceful and stable world.

There is a huge ongoing problem where more than 260 million children worldwide are out of school. Governments are largely failing to address key issues associated with learning, such as the cost of uniforms, transport to and from school, and equal access for all activists claim. These issues are associated with the fact that even if tuition was free, many families still do not have proper funds for the price of the necessities to attend school.  Furthermore some regions suffer so much from war and poverty that schooling of any kind is non-existent.

This has been an ongoing issue for many years now, but with the right mindset, you could make your voice be heard to tackle this issue head-on. First, place value on your own opportunities to be educated and then you can spread awareness. Share articles with your friends, watch a credible video of how you can help, you can even tweet about it! Another thing is to check out your local community boards to see if there are any schools in your area that are partnered with a less fortunate country that needs your help. Education is the most efficient tool to being successful global citizens. This is a topic which needs to be shared and talk about more.