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gHistory teaches us about the Declaration of Independence and the creation of new nations.  We learn as children that we are dependent on our parents, families and teachers.  Independence is usually seen as a good thing.  It means we can do things for ourselves.   It comes with freedom and choice.   Often finding independence is a struggle and getting it is a reward.  We a have heard of dependence and independence but what is the idea of interdependence?

Interdependence is everybody helping each other.  It is the best out of the 3 possibilities because everybody gains through the help of each other.  Dependence seems like you are helpless on your own and need others for survival.  Independence means you are responsible for solving all your own problems.  Interdependence is a way of being both strong and responsible but also getting help from others.

The dependence of two or more people or things on each other.   In our world in the 21st century we must move from INDEPENDENCE to INTERDEPENDENCE.  This will encourage a concept of COOPERATION rather than COMPETITION. This will help us reach United Nation goals of sustainability and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.

The Business Dictionary defines Interdependence in the following way:

Mutual dependence at a global level. One country depends on another country for something and that country may depend on another country, which eventually creates global interdependence. Importing and exporting of goods and services highly contributes to global interdependence. Certain commodities such as oil have created a global interdependence between countries that produce the precious commodity and those that covet it.

How does the end of World War II bring about a new idea of interdependence?

The Cold War began almost as soon as World War II ended because the atomic bomb got tho the hands of Stalin.

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NATO vs WARSAW PACT=  both used interdependence as alliances but they kept the world divided.

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In 1949, the prospect of further Communist expansion prompted the United States and 11 other Western nations to form the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Soviet Union and its affiliated Communist nations in Eastern Europe founded a rival alliance, the Warsaw Pact, in 1955.

After the Cold War there was the first hope for global interdependence and greater peace.  Governments decreased tariffs and regulations on international trade.  Jobs from high wage countries came to lower wage countries through multinational corporate investments.  More open global markets after the fall of the Soviet Union increases interdependence.  The world still had conflict but it was different.  The United Nations which formed in 1945 was ready to take global citizenship and security seriously.  Nations were ready to form willing coalitions to protect the global good.


Notes on video

What is an IGO?

is a Intergovernmental organization

Is the United Nations an IGO?  Explain. What are some other examples?

An IGO is an organization composed primarily of sovereign states, or of other intergovernmental organizations. IGOs are established by treaty or other agreement that acts as a charter creating the group. Examples include the United Nations, the World Bank, or the European Union.

What are some of the struggles then and now to reach this goal of Interdependence?

A current example is the struggle existing between the United States, China, and the technology company Huawei. The United States is having a rough time trusting China.  As a result, the US is blacklisting telecommunications company Huawei from making any deals from America industry. We cant get 5g if we dont work together. These fears haven’t been base on something that they have done but something than they may do.

Struggles exist in the economics of trade but also in protecting our global resources.