Quality Education; A Foundation for Global Citizenship

Quality Education; A Foundation for Global Citizenship
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Citizenship is the recognition given to a person with political and social rights. One example of citizenship is the right to vote.  A person who lives in a country and has the civil political rights of that country is known as a citizen of that country.  Often citizenship is given at birth with a birth certificate that says you were born in a certain country.  This type of citizenship is known as natural born citizenship.  It is a requirement in the U. S. Constitution for an American President to be a natural born citizen.  Another type of citizenship given at birth and in the minds of many even before birth is global citizenship based on human rights.  What is a global citizen?  We all are global citizens because we all have human Rights and responsibilities.  Human rights were first discussed by philosophers with the idea of natural rights.  It is the idea of human rights that helped John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau define the social contract theory of government.  It is human rights that Thomas Jefferson discussed in the Declaration of Independence.  The most modern document of human rights was written  and proclaimed in Paris by the United Nations General Assembly on the 10th of December 1948.  It is known as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 26 out of 30 states that every person has the right to education.  In fact, it is education that is at the foundation of all good citizenship.


Why is education important to you?

As a group of young international student journalists, we all value our education.  Education is one of the factors that most influences the advancement of values and everything that characterizes us as human beings. Education prepares us for the hardships of life. When we learn to problem solve we are prepared for an uncertain future.  We believe that education leads us to understanding others and knowing right from wrong.  For many of us education is the door to our dreams and the key to our success. We recognize as young men and women that education brings equality.  Youstina from Cairo, Egypt says,“Education is important for all people.  I will use my education to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor in order to help all people.” Adam from Virginia says, “Education gives me the skills for success in business.”

Where did you begin your education?

All people begin their education with family.  When we go to school we take the culture of our family with us. School becomes a place of shared culture. Below we have recorded some of our first experiences at school. Think about where you began school?  How did the time and place shape your ideas about the world today?

My first education was at home, when I was growing up and my parents gave to me a good Education. At the age of 6 I went to School in my home country Honduras.  The name of the school is Jose Cecilio del Valle. – Maikol

I began my school experience in Seville, Spain in kindergarten and then to primeria school and I finished in a high school in Seville.  In Spain It is different because you begin secondary school at age 12 and finish at age 16.  If later you want to do a career you have to do what is called high school.  I began high school in Seville, I left high school at age 17 to train in the Spanish Army and I am now finishing high school in the United States because my father is a diplomat. – Adolfo

My first education was Mawuli School in Ghana, I went to Great Achievers and went to Manya Krobo high school.  I was in my second year before coming to America during this pandemic.  What I liked most about school in Ghana is the entertainment and debates we have every weekend in school.   –Sandra        

 My first school was colonia carrillo el salvador school center. – Ana

Abby: I started my education in Guatemala when I was 5 years old and I stayed in my second year at the college Mixto Santo Domingo  when I was 17 years old, now I hope to finish my education in the United States.  In Guatemala they do not have the learning resources.    For example: In Guatemala everyone buys their school supplies and there are people who do not have money to buy their materials and therefore do not have the opportunity. – Aby

I have attended school in Herndon and Woodbridge, Virginia.  I am grateful to be so close to graduation.  It has not been easy for me to focus on success in school.  – Adam

In my school in el Salvador we do not have the same resources that are here in the United States.  There are new opportunities in the United States. For example,  there are new tools that in El Salvador there are no applications of technology.  Here in the United States I can use a laptop as my learning tool every day. -Jonathan.

My school in Egypt is different from my school in America. In Egypt, the secondary school stage is 3 years. In the United States Secondary High School is 4 years.  In Egypt I went to 3 years of secondary school.  Like in the United States, I had an electronic tablet to use for school.  In the United States all students are given a laptop computer as a learning resource. – Youstina

The Pandemic has been a challenge for the entire world.  Teachers and students are working hard to find a balance between quality education and safety.  If basic human rights are at risk then education is at risk.  Quality education and human rights depend on each other.  

What gives us hope today?

Today we are in class together.  Today we are seeing more people get the vaccine. Young people ages 12 -18 can now receive the vaccine.  Students are graduating in June.  School will remain open for students who need it during the summer.  In September students will be able to come to school 5 days a week for the first time in over a year.

The Pandemic has had an affect on education everywhere:


A School with Family. Love. Respect.

In our Mountain View community we value the culture of Family. Love. and Respect in education.  Here are a few thoughts that reflect our gratitude for the opportunity of quality education at Mountain View.

Mountain View School helps us because it is a school that understands that because of our age we work and maybe we cannot study at home and they make it possible for us. Thanks to this school I have been welcomed to the United States and I will be able to return to study in Spain to be a special forces sergeant.  Without my education then I would not have as many opportunities to work when I grow up or to be a better person. My goal is to be an educated person who can debate with someone about history and create solutions to the problems we face.   -Adolfo.

As a student I can say that Mountain View has helped me in how I am learning my new skills, but not just today it is improving my skills for every day in the future. Mountain View teaches us growth mindset. To be human we need an education but without education we struggle to be effective.  Without education we are left on our own and must create all the opportunity for ourselves. I want to be a person who helps other people, but my goal for the future is to be a mechanic.  –Maikol

I have received more attention here. There are more opportunities to learn English. The teachers are calmer and more patient. –Jonathan

In my opinion Mountain View is a good school, the truth is, I like the relationship with my teachers, I may not talk often with everyone, but there is always a teacher who is always there when I need her most. I know that she is not my counselor but I really trust her.  She always supports me a lot and I love her as if she were my mother. She is miss ELIANA, for the rest I know that I can count on my other teachers because they are excellent educators. –Abby

Mountain View helps me by actually being a school. My previous school did not work out for me… And never will, because even though I’m extremely intelligent, I tend to get distracted and off track extremely easily.  Mountain View helps me graduate but still they let me know that I need to do it for myself. – Adam

Mountain View helps me to improve in my learning  skills and has given me the opportunity to complete high school. Also I know with this school I will come out with flying colors.  Thanks to Mountain View I am getting a quality education.  – Sandra

As a teacher, Mountain View helps me because I have the opportunity to learn from each of my students and the students are so diverse in their experiences. –Mr. H